Shell Eggs, Gordon Choice Medium Grade A, Loose, Refrigerated, 30 Ct Tray

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  • Use fresh eggs when frying or poaching to help ensure that the eggs hold their shape. Use cold eggs that are at least one week old for easier peeling of boiled eggs. Use an egg separator for easier separation of yolk and whites.
  • Eggs can be the main item of the meal or used as an ingredient. Offer eggs as the center of the breakfast platter. Scramble eggs or make an omelet or quiche with them. Whisk up a delicious hollandaise sauce with egg yolks and butter and offer with asparagus.
  • Eggs bind ingredients for meat loaves or crab cakes. They leaven souffles and sponge cakes, thicken custards and sauces, emulsify dressings and mayonnaise and are used to brush over bread, pies and cookies.
  • The eggs are packed in 30-count trays for protection of the product.

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