Why Now?

Benefits of Grocery Essentials from Showmars

These are tumultuous times for the world, but at a local level, the food and beverage industry has been hit hard. Many restaurants have closed their doors indefinitely. In many situations, the takeout and delivery business is not what it needs to be to cover the labor costs alone. In an attempt to keep our employees off of unemployment and our doors open, we will start selling essential groceries on our Showmars website.

We have seen that grocery stores have been overwhelmed with traffic, and their supply chains are struggling. This is not only inconvenient, but as COVID-19 continues to spread, grocery stores become a little less safe. But groceries are an essential item. So, Showmars will be utilizing our supply chain to get essential groceries at affordable rates. Then we will be delivering the groceries direct to your door.

The support of one’s community helps to lessen hard times. Charlotte is our home, and Showmars has striven to be a community partner to Charlotte, and it’s surrounding areas since 1982. Our goal is to utilize our employees and serve Charlotte essential grocery items in the safest, most convenient, and affordable way possible. Our ask is simple, order essential groceries at restaurant pricing to be delivered directly to your door and share it with as many people as possible.

Benefits of Grocery Essentials @ Showmars

  • Showmars Delivers the "hard to find" grocery items to your door...for up to 35% off grocery store pricing. 
  • Zero Contact Delivery by trusted Showmars employees
  • Weekly free items offered every week.
  • Essential, staple food and household items. Affordable delivery.
  • We're opening up the food service supply chain to Charlotteans for Grocery delivery