Hickory-Smoked Natural Juice Ham, Sliced, Fresh, 2 Lb Package

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  • Naturally hickory-smoked and cured with real honey, this sliced Bavarian-style ham is slow-cooked to provide a tender and juicy cut of meat. The dark coating is baked on and provides an old-world appearance. Once it is cooled, it is presliced and ready for you to use. This presliced ham is ideal for use in hot or cold applications.
  • This presliced ham is packed in natural juices to enhance the flavor of the meat.
  • This ham is presliced for convenience, ease of preparation and portion control. Use this ham for deli trays, deli sandwiches or breakfast sandwich additions.
  • No starches are added in the preparation of this ham.
  • The ham is vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and long-lasting shelf life.

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